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North American Birding Trails

Posted on November 5, 2018 in Uncategorized

Since their inception in 1996, birding trails now wind throughout the United States. Much of the major migration flyways in the U.S. are covered. Texas was the first of now almost 40 states to create birding trails. The trails were the inspiration of Ted Eubanks and Madge Lindsay. Their inspiration resulted in the first trail, the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail. The list continues to grow as birders and other nature lovers discover this great way to enjoy our wildlife resources.

The trails are created using existing highways, byways and county roads to link prime public and private birding areas. Distinctive signs mark the way and detailed maps are available for each of the trails (some are free and some have a small charge). Both can be a big help to birders unfamiliar with an area.

Expert birders and beginners alike are drawn to the trails. A boost to local economies and a boon to birds – birding trails are a win-win situation for all involved. Not only do birders spend money while traveling along birding trails, the trails also help communities become aware of the treasures they may have in their own back yard – and the need to protect those treasures.

The National Audubon Society and the American Birding Association both have extensive lists of birding trails on their web sites. Plan a birding road-trip to somewhere you haven’t been in a while or explore someplace totally new to you. Discover and enjoy what our wildlife resources have to offer.