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travel north american

Changes to Australian Medical System Opens Doors to North American Family Physicians

Posted on November 3, 2018 in Uncategorized

Australian Medical Jobs – Important changes to the Australian Medical registration process that make it easier for US and Canadian family physicians to work in Australia.

Are you a Family Physician from Canada or the USA who would like to experience a more relaxed working environment in Australia? Recent changes to the medical registration process have made it easier than ever to have your qualifications recognized!

Australia is a multicultural country with a diverse landscape and climate, allowing you the freedom to choose your lifestyle. Whether you’d like to experience the warmth of the tropics, or be an integral part of a small country community, it’s all available in Australia.

Change 1 – GP Pathway Assessment

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) has implemented a new structure of ‘pathways’ for which medical practitioners can obtain registration to work in Australia.

In 2010, for the first time, doctors from the USA who hold Certification with the American Board of Family Medicine (ABFM) are eligible for Specialist recognition to attain registration in Australia.

What this means is that Family Practitioners with ABFM certification are now assessed as partially comparable to Australian doctors holding Fellowship with the RACGP. In turn, this allows American Family Practitioners to have their registration processed faster than previously, and with greater ease as their qualifications are recognized as comparable.

For Canadian doctors, the process is even easier. Canadian family practitioners holding the Certificate in Family Medicine from the College of Family Physicians of Canada, as well as evidence of Canadian Qualifying Examinations (Parts 1 and 2) completed after 1992 are recognized as fully comparable to a Fellow of the RACGP.

For Canadian doctors, this means that they can be granted fellowship ad eundum gradum to the college without any further assessment required.

Change 2 – Australian Medical Council Registration

As of the 1st of July 2010, medical board registration in Australia has been brought under a single umbrella of the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency (AHPRA). For the first time in Australia there is now one national medical board setting standards and policies for health practitioners throughout Australia.

These changes have simplified the process of registering as a medical practitioner in Australia, with a single national fee; one set of registration and professional standards and a uniform registration process across the nation.

Therefore, instead of being registered with one state in Australia, and then being required to pay additional fees and be reassessed for eligibility when travelling to another state, doctors now have the flexibility of being able to practice anywhere in Australia under one governing board.

These changes to the Australian registration and qualification recognition process means that it is now friendly for Family Physicians from North America to work in Australia. This presents the great opportunity to enjoy a sabbatical or a permanent change to Australia, experiencing all the culture and diversity that the nation has to offer.

Planning Your Ski Travel Holidays

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Planning your ski travel holidays may at first seem to be relatively straight forward, however when considering the vast amount of and diverse choices one has in terms of the various ski travel holidays options, you will quickly come to realize that there is no shortage of options available. Making the right choices in terms of destinations will also impact upon whether or not you will be able to fully appreciate the venue and amenities when you take your level of skill and capabilities into account.

The successful planning and booking of any ski travel holidays requires specific destination knowledge and experience, often times something which only a seasoned traveler will be able to provide. One also has the option of doing some research via travel magazines, travel agents and even online when looking to plan this type of vacation.

There are a number of destinations that are available when it comes to catering to all types or levels of skill on the slopes, and across the world too. North America, within the United States and Canada offer some spectacular options when considering ski travel holidays. Some of the top rated areas that are accessible to the various level of skill include Aspen, Breckenridge and Crested Butte in Colorado with the state of Utah also providing a number of great options for ski travel holidays too. The Canadian offerings of Blackcombe and Whistler are exceptional and one would have come to appreciate these destinations within the recent Winter Olympics coverage of these regions. Naturally there are many options within the North American travel destinations that can be considered beyond the ones herein mentioned.

Europe has a wide variety and diversity of destinations when it comes to options available for planning any ski travel holidays, moreover there is a destination for virtually any type of budget too. Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Slovakia and some of the other Eastern European countries offer great value, in terms of a more limited budget, and although some might say that the amenities are not as good as those of the more established French and Austrian options, they certainly are sufficient enough to allow for a great skiing or snowboarding holiday option.

Besides the mentioned and albeit traditional options of the European or North American ski travel holidays and destinations available some of the lesser known options include the likes of Indian, Australia and various regions within South America. All of these areas are slowly building up a reputation of quality and commitment to providing a great experience and option when it comes to planning vacations of this nature.


Travel to North America

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Many individuals travel to North America each year. It is a highly traveled destination for native people and others from out of the continent. This location is a very beautiful place to visit. Even though North American is the youngest continent, there are still many historical sites and views to observe. There are also various activities for every member of the family to discover and explore. These events are plentiful and there are so many locations to see.

The regions of this continent are very diverse. There are mountain ranges, deserts, forests and beaches. This makes travel to North America a great place to explore and feel the different styles of weather regions. There are many places that an individual or family can fish, camp or just enjoy the beautiful nature that is very prominent. There are various attractions that a person can view and enjoy the beautiful sites of. The Rockies, the numerous historical buildings and landscapes and the great many views from coast to coast. The spectacular sites are one of the things that bring about the greatness of North America.

Specific attractions are plentiful. When individuals travel to North America there are various activities everyone in the family can partake in. There are casinos, many different styles of amusement parks and zoos. Other amenities include various types of waterfalls, aquarium parks, plentiful skating rinks and the famous Graceland. The celebrated Statue of Liberty, the countless baseball stadiums, the air and space museum and Mardi Gras are wonderful places to visits and excellent for entertainment and education. People can travel to North America to see other special and very entertaining a include Niagara Falls, many different wildlife refuge and preserves, parks and monuments.

When individuals travel to North America a whole world of options open up. There are a number of interesting sights, sounds, tastes and feels that can be explored. There are many things a person can be involved in and a complete family can have an entertainment filled vacation. When individuals travel to North America, they will be enthralled and enchanted with the mysterious wonders that this continent produces.