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Why Visit the North American West Coast on a Cruise?

Posted on October 30, 2018 in Uncategorized

If you’re looking for some of the most enjoyable and exotic holidays in the world you need to travel no further than the west coast of North America. With cruise ships departing from Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego and port cities north and south in Canada and Mexico you will never run out of ocean holiday options here. Everything from ice-breakers to the Arctic Circle to tropical excursions to the Mexican Riviera is available here and each port of departure has an international airport within just a few minutes of the harbour.

If you like the cold and want to see some truly awe-inspiring mountains, try a cruise to the wilderness of Alaska. The territory is technically a state of the United States but the wildlife outnumbers the human population there by a fair bit. Moose, elk, bear, and other fur-clad creatures roam the woods and hills there with no fear of the two legged predators they seldom see. While you’re there make it a point to check out Mount McKinley, the highest peak in North America.

South of Alaska is Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest, unanimously considered one of nature’s best works by any who have had the privilege of travelling there. The cities in this part of the continent are some of the cleanest you’ll ever see and the people are environmentally conscious. Even after you cross the border into the United States and dock at Portland or Seattle you’ll notice a population that is more in tune with their natural surroundings than in other parts of the world.

Your next stop is San Francisco, the most beautiful city in any of the three countries of North America. The steep hills, classic cable cars, and planned green space of this metropolis make it a unique place to visit on your way down the west coast. If you happen to go to Los Angeles on the same trip you will see an incredible difference between the two. LA is big and noisy, SF is peaceful and relaxing.

San Diego is a port city where you can get a ship to almost anywhere in the world. This massive harbour sees regular traffic from Asia and houses a good portion of the United States Navy’s Pacific fleet when it’s in port. It is also your most likely destination if you book a cruise to the Mexican Riviera, that strip of white sandy beaches just below Baja and before you get to Central America. The rest of the coast is great but this is where your cruise holidays will meet paradise and pure relaxation.